This society is a Scientific Body concerned chiefly with the advancement of art and science of Periodontology and to fulfill the following aims and objects:

  • To promote the co-operative efforts of its member with regard to the advancement of science and practice of Periodontics.
  • To convene scientific meetings/seminars at periodic intervals at convenient places as decided upon by the Executive Committee/General Body Meeting.
  • To communicate and publicize the transactions/proceedings of the above seminars and individual clinical experience to the members of “This Society” and general dental practitioner through the columns of the publication(s) of the Society with a view to contribute to the development of oral health care and render better assistance and service to maintain and improve the health of the public.
  • To promote academic activities through the voluntary help of postgraduate departments of Periodontology at various dental institutions in India and/or abroad.
  • To propagate and work for suitable public health measures for the prevention of periodontal diseases.
  • To focus the scope of media on enabling the spread of the message of oral health care for the benefit of the public, professionals and the members of the society.
  • To promote such other activities in and attempt to secure better appreciation and furtherance of the aims and objects as directed by the Executive Committee / General Body.
  • The Aims and Objects shall be subject to change(s) and/or modification(s) by the resolution of General Body at the Annual Meeting in accordance with the Bye-laws of the Society.