Past Events And Activites 2016

1976 Dr.Mrs.TM.Ginwala Dr Lalit M Guglani   Pune
1977 Dr. VN Bhatavadekar Dr Lalit M Guglani   Lucknow
1978 Dr. CP Boghani Dr Lalit M Guglani   Ahmadabad
1979 Dr. TN Chawla Dr Lalit M Guglani   Bombay
1980 Dr. CP Boghani Dr Lalit M Guglani   Amritsar
1981 Dr. NA Piroshaw Dr Lalit M Guglani   Madras
1982 Dr. Didar Singh Riar Dr Lalit M Guglani   Bombay
1983 Dr. BRR Varma Dr Lalit M Guglani   Trivandrum
1984 Dr. KK Kapoor Dr Lalit M Guglani   Calcutta
1985 Dr. PK Basker Dr Lalit M Guglani   Bangalore
1986 Dr. KL Banerjee Dr Lalit M Guglani   Simla
1987 ------- Dr Lalit M Guglani   Jaipur
1988 Dr. RP Nayak Dr Lalit M Guglani   Pune
1989 Dr. KR Lakhanpal Dr Lalit M Guglani   Indore
1990 Dr. GB Shankwalkar Lt. Cdr Neeraj
Verma(acting president)
Dr Lalit M Guglani   Bombay
1991 Brig. NV Kamat Dr Lalit M Guglani   Goa
1992 Dr. TR Gururaja Rao Dr Lalit M Guglani   Aurangabad
1993 Dr. VK Gore Dr Lalit M Guglani   Manipal
1994 Dr. T.K.Pal Dr. Dili p G Pol   Hyderabad
1995 Dr. Lalit Guglani Dr. Dili p G Pol   Mumbai
1996 Surg. Cam JK Gupta Dr. Dili p G Pol   Mangalore
1997 Dr. (Mrs) RH Jaffer Dr. Dili p G Pol   Nagpur
1998 Dr. Thomas Thelly Dr. Dili p G Pol   Chennai
1999 Dr. (Mrs) Poonam K Bambhani Dr. Dili p G Pol 1)Workshop held for conducting
epidemiological survey at Lonavala 2)Syllabus updated and
implantology is included in UG
and PG curriculum & recommended to DCI.
2000 Dr. A Jayakumar Dr. Dili p G Pol 1st workshop at Trivandrum Mumbai, silver jubilee conference of ISP in Collaboration with IAP
2001 Dr. Brig. BP Khattak Dr. Dili p G Pol   Trivandrum
2002 Dr. Dilip G Pol Dr. Dili p G Pol 2nd workshop at Chennai Mount Abu
2003 Dr. BV Somayaji Dr. Dili p G Pol 3rd workshop at Belgaum Guwahati
2004 Dr. R.N. Deshpande Dr. Dili p G Pol 4th PG Workshop at Nasik Mangalore
2005 Dr. R.M. Kohad Dr. Dili p G Pol International event 1st world
symposium for PG’S , Mumbai.
Chennai, international conference of ISP in
collaboration with IAP
2006 Dr. K. N andakumar Dr. Dili p G Pol 1)5th PG Workshop at Coorg
2)PG teacher Convention at Bangalore 3) ISP participation in
joint Workshop of RGUHS and DCI 5- Year course, Perio
kept in 5th year
2007 Dr. Subhash Garg   6th PG W orkshop Thiruvananthapur am Davangere
2008 Dr.Pravin Kudva, acting president Dr. M.M.Dayakar 7th PG W orkshop ,Udaipur Chandigarh
2009 Dr. D.G Pol Dr. M.M.Dayakar 8th PG W orkshop, Agra Dharwad
2010 Dr. C.D Dwarkanath Dr. M.M.Dayakar 9th PG W orkshop, Tirupathi Bangalore
2011 Dr. Lalit Mathur Dr. Balaji Manohar 10th PG Workshop, Chennai Ahmadabad
2012 Dr. Mohammad Faizuddin Dr. Balaji Manohar 11th PG Convention , Lucknow Shimla
2013 Dr. Santhosh Shreedhar Dr. Balaji Manohar 12th PG Convention , Greater Noida Kochi